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To help you learn more about beep! Directed Voicemail, below you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions:

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Is directed voicemail like “Robo-dialing”?

No, directed voicemail is not “robo-dialing”. Our North American agents will call each target individually, and connect to their voicemail – whether it’s by using a direct number, working with receptionists, or navigating dial-by-name directories. When they hear the sound of the beep!, they direct your pre-recorded voicemail.

Who does the calling?

beep! Directed has its own calling center.

All of our calling agents complete an extensive beep! training certification to ensure campaigns are executed with accuracy and professionalism.

What if the target picks up the phone?

The main objective of the calling is to direct your pre-recorded voicemail to your target’s voicemail box. On average, the target picks up the phone less than 5% of the time.

When this occurs we handle it in one of two ways (depending on client preference):

  1. Live answer mute – If the target identifies himself or herself when answering the phone, our agents will mute themselves and wait for the target to disconnect the call. We will then re-try the target hours later with the hope that they won’t pick up the second time and we can successfully direct your pre-recorded voicemail.
  2. Live answer script – If the target identifies his or herself when answering the phone, our agents will follow a pre-determined, simple script that shares why they are calling and helps to gain awareness of the follow-up email that will be sent the following day with more details.

How do you send the follow-up email?

We send the follow-up email one-to-one through Outlook so they look like a personal email from you.

Are direct numbers for targets necessary?

No, we don’t require direct numbers for targets. We can work with either a direct number or a general number for company headquarters for each target. With general phone numbers, our agents will work with receptionists or navigate dial-by-name directories to connect to your target’s voicemail box and direct your pre-recorded voicemail.

However, we do request that you limit the number of targets from a specific company using the same general number for company headquarters to 5 targets on a list.

What information do you need on the list?

Each target on the list must have the following information: first name, last name, title, company, phone number, and personal email.

For your own data management or CRM purposes, you can also include lead ID numbers, or any other information helpful to you.

What reports do you provide, and what do they show?

Each directed voicemail campaign will provide you with two reports. These reports outline campaign results and also provide valuable information that can help to refine your data.

The first report is provided the day after calling is conducted, and outlines the calling results. For each target, it will share whether a voicemail was successfully directed or not. If not, it will also share the reason why (e.g. no longer at company, wrong number, cannot locate, etc.).

The second report is provided a few days after the follow-up emails are sent and outlines the email responses. For each target, it will share if the email bounced back or whether a response was provided or not.

Do you charge for the targets with successfully directed voicemails only?

No, we charge for each target on the list provided to which we attempt to direct a voicemail.

Although we aren’t able to direct a voicemail to some targets (for reasons explained), our call attempts provide valuable information that can help to refine your data.

What is the average response rate of a directed voicemail campaign?

Directed voicemail is meant to replicate and augment your current internal outbound calling activities while allowing you to save time and budget. Across the board, we see response rates vary where some clients get up to 25% response rate while others get 0%. We find that multiple factors like data quality, messaging, and the type of campaign (e.g. content follow-up, event invite, cold calling, etc.) can contribute to the success of the campaign. And we’re happy to work with you to make sure you’re positioned for success!

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