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Publication generates over 600 leads in 3 weeks cost-effectively with beep!

Client: Publication

Campaign Type: Prospecting/Advertising Sales

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The Situation:

A leading publication was looking to expand its reach by offering local products in a number of new territories. With tight publication deadlines for each local product and the limited amount of time sales reps had for cold calling, the client needed a way to make multiple calls to 6,000+ targets in different territories to uncover short-term sales opportunity in volume, quickly.

The Campaign:

The full campaign was segmented into territory-specific beep! campaigns that supported individual sales reps. The outreach consisted of three rounds of outreach in the form of a pre-recorded yet warm and personable voicemail and a personalized email timed over three weeks. The 1st round served as the initial outreach, the 2nd round served as the follow-up reminder outreach, and the 3rd round served as the last attempt helping to build urgency with the mention of the impeding deadline.

The client’s individual sales reps would field all call backs and email responses to close sales with interested leads before publication deadlines.

The Results

beep! helped generate over 600 leads over 3 weeks cost-effectively for the client.

Specifically, the 12,000+ calls over 3 weeks uncovered immediate interest from hundreds of targets spread across the individual sales reps resulting in a final cost per lead of $100.97. Overall, the calling generated twice as many long-term sales opportunities – targets that expressed interest but requested follow-up at a later time – which could result in a cost per lead of $37.49.

  Short Term Leads Initial Cost per Lead Long Term Leads Potential Cost per Lead
Round 1 55 $211.03 124 $64.84
Round 2 120 $60.78 176 $24.64
Round 3 63 $81.44 103 $30.91
Total 238 $100.97 403 $37.49

As a result of the campaign, the client continues to rely on beep! to execute thousands of calls a month leaving their sales reps to focus on closing sales with interested leads before publication deadlines.

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Key Takeaway: beep! helps make volume prospecting easier. By executing the thousands of calls cost-effectively and strategically, sales reps are able to focus on what they do best – closing deals!

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