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Working across hundreds of companies we've learned that the 'winners' know their numbers. And, unfortunately, less than 20% of companies have a full grasp on their essential metrics. We enjoy helping firms fix this.

We are a numbers driven organziation and our Decision Essential Metrics process is focused on helping your team take existing data/knowledge and use it to build a framework that will guide marketing and sales decisions. It creates 'go' / 'no go' criteria on whether campaigns have a shot of success. We'll sit with your team, in person or virtually, to discuss each stage of the marketing and sales process to develop an understanding of costs and conversion data on your pipeline to build your Decision Essential Metrics.

We'll also work to uncover 'low hanging fruit' of cost/process inefficiency based on what we see across all of our clients. Our process will leave you with:

  1. An interactive Decision Essential Metrics Excel tool, built just for your team
  2. An understanding of your metrics, for each stage of your pipeline
  3. A list of quick hit opportunities to improve your metrics for more profitable growth
  4. A true understanding of your numbers so you are not making critical marketing and sales decisions based on 'gut instinct' or blind guesses.

If you think your firm could benefit, contact us.

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